My Guilty Drama Pleasure: 1 Litre of Tears

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Thank You – Aya

I watched 1 litre of tears at the recommendation of a friend who finds it hard to cry and I knew at once any drama in drama land that could make her cry must surely be that sad!

This will be the first post to my monthly series My (Guilty) Drama Pleasure! I was hoping to make a super cool intro but hey, what better way is there to get into a series than jumping straight in!.

1 litre of tears is the biographical story of 15 year old Aya Ikeuchi who is diagnosed with spinocerebellar degeneration. The drama depicts the next 10 years of Aya’s life as she battles to live a normal and fulfilled life under the weight of this tragic disease.

I would say that the drama is biographical loosely as there were elements to the story that were changed to suit a drama, and at the same time the drama isn’t completely inspired by as there were elements of truth here and there through the progress of the series as the story is in fact based on the diary by the real Aya, by the name of Aya Kito. Her diary was turned into a book and published shortly before her death and it accounts for her thoughts and personal
experiences as a teenager and young adult with the disease up until the point she could no longer write.

Story, Cast and OST

The story starts off with Mrs Ikeuchi sat in front of a Doctor as she receives the dreaded news about Aya, this drama does not hold back and there is a time lapse to a couple of weeks before at the Ikeuchi home and we have healthy 15 year old Aya introduced along with her family. As Aya is on her way to school she trips face forward to the ground much like the real Aya and this is the first tell tell sign we get that things aren’t right. It is from this point onward that her disease progresses rapidly, as she still has to juggle life as a teen, friendships and falling in love.

One of the things that 1 litre does really well is character development you see that not only is this a journey for Aya but for many of those who are close to her, there isn’t one person who doesn’t change or gains a new outlook on life due to her misfortune. Aya’s “I’ll do my best” attitude helps shape plenty of lives, but you really see these changes in the skeptics of the series Haruto the love interest and her younger sister.

My experience with 1 litre really gave me moments to look introspectively, it is a deep series and it will make you cry and examine life and who you are as a person. I did wrap up the drama feeling more grateful for my life, the things we take for granted like being able to run, dance, sing and live very independent lives. We kind of grow up and assume that we will get through high school, get our degrees, go into full time employment, marry have kids and we don’t ever really consider how much of a gift all these things are.

1 litre of tears reminded me of the beauty of storytelling to shape, transform, encourage and reprimand. How it is possible to completely connect with strangers in a couple of minutes.

The music in 1 litre is memorable and compliments the storyline all too well. With instrumentals that signify the pulse of hope to the echoes of a school choir resounding in the distance. Every song had its place in telling Aya’s story and the lives she touched and isn’t “Only Human” by K, a tearjerker of an ending song?!

The lyrics to the song really resonates and sums of up the desire to live as a right through this emotional ballad.

The music is so well put together that I wholeheartedly believe that 1 litre would have immediately lost half its impact if bad choices were made in terms of musical arrangement.

With a ost that will wake you up in the middle night as you hear it play mid way through a dream to remind you how much you cried into your pillow the night before, it will definitely have you saving the original soundtrack to your YouTube playlist in no time flat.

Final Verdict

If you like crying, and if you like being inspired don’t pass up the chance to watch 1 Litre of Tears. It is a heart-wrenching but thought provoking semi biography that will leave you appreciating life even for months to come. It is a short drama that to be honest can be marathoned in a day, but I highly discourage that as it can be quite emotionally draining watching more than 2 episodes a day, I  had to go a week or two without watching another episode because it was really taking quite a bit out of me to watch. There are the specials that I haven’t watched yet and a film, I will be reviewing those separately as I am still recovering from the last episode.

So with an appealing and original story, with an uplifting cast whose stories unfold in the waves of beautiful music. I give 1 Litre of Tears 5 tears out of 5. It deserves every single tear!

5 tears out of 5

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