teaInRome: Gladiators and Gelatos

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Last week, I took a short trip to Bella Italia! It was a much needed break away from gloomy London and to sunny Rome. It was the first trip I had planned all on my own and my mother followed along! Rome was beautiful, with its warm buildings and exotic trees and also not so beautiful, the amount of graffiti and dog poop everywhere truly was something else! While I did enjoy a cuppa here and there, it would have been a mistake to not try out a cappuccino or two. Unfortunately, it was very sad that I didn’t get to try out a gelato, which I learned very last minute was Ice Cream. You can imagine I felt like an absolute dunce.rome 1Another challenge of being in a country you last when to at the age of 2, is the language barrier. At first it was completely nerve-wracking, I only spent a couple of days at a time familiarising myself with Italian but one thing that reassured me was how when you are in a situation where you don’t know a countries language, you instinctively begin to pick up words and phrases from native speakers that produce your intended result (survival Italian); or you do your best to find someone who speaks english which wasn’t hard to come by.

Can I also mention that St.Peter’s Basilica is remarkable. I was overwhelmed by the attention to detail and how big of a place it is.

Rome reminded me of when I was a kid; I’m old enough to admit now I was truly a nerd growing up. For hours I could read books on Ancient Rome and would jump between that and Egypt and Greece. So being at the colloseum was like a childhood wish being fulfilled.

There were quite a few things that I couldn’t tick off in my list, but I always take it as a sign that I will be returning one day. Maybe for a round trip across Europe?

Rome 2

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