April 2016


On Saturday 16th April, I had the privilege to attend a Schoolism live event being hosted finally in London!  For those who aren't aware of Schoolism- Schoolism is a division of Imaginism Studios. An illustration collective of top-end artists who work for the likes of Disney, Ubisoft, dreamworks and many more.

https://youtu.be/DmaDeUGrIpc So next month we will finally be graced with the long anticipated Angry Birds movie. I have to mention that it was in fact a friend who reminded me all about it, and since we have decided to make sure that this is a must watch in our cinema list,

https://youtu.be/qD5nxTgOQ8Q?t=30s From the beginning of this blog, I have been quite preoccupied on covering reviews and pretty much neglected the second half of this category, which is previews. I will be making an effort in the next couple of months to cover animated films that will be coming out, what I take