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This will be a short chat and feature today of a drama I had been following for the last couple of weeks and just got round to completing today.

Memory is a real and human drama that delves into justice, social class and family through the life of the morally bent workaholic of a lawyer, Tae-Suk Park (Sung Min-Lee), who is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and this spurs a chance for him to finally realise the things that are truly precious to him, such as his family, the truth and the memories he wants to hold onto. I was definitely set up for the twists and turns of this melodrama, and even the more excruciating moments, but the thing I was  most surprised by would be the phonemonal cast who each delivered their roles with such poignancy and genuine devotion. But truly the real star of the show was Sung-Min Lee, who really portrayed the physical and emotional journey of Lawyer Park with finesse.

Memory had its teary moments but it definitely was not without its much softer and funnier moments that were effective on lightning the mood. I couldn’t recommend the drama highly enough for its touching display of a man who is clinging onto hope.


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