Welcome to teoBlogs

My name is Tosin Elizabeth Oluyadi and this is my personal hub for the creative and hobbyist alike. Being a recent graduate thrown into the world of work with no real direction of what exactly it was that I wanted to do or what it was that I was supposed to be doing…outside of endless job hunting. I was inspired to finally start this blog documenting my life after uni and my journey into the animation industry as a freelancer. If you aren’t reading up about my latest thoughts on life after uni, my rantings about dealing with second male lead syndrome or where I’ve had a good cup of tea in london recently ! Be sure to check out my weekly posts on the animated industry, its films, history and talent, and the occassional comic and tutorial under teoDraws! I will be interviewing veterans within the industry, showcasing new talent and occasionally documenting my latest drama obsession and sharing what I’ve been up to in the world of animation.