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I have always been pretty interested in virtual reality from a young age when I first put on a bulky VR headset just barely over my head to experience a game at Disney world and later again in university, when I studied interactive design and was introduced to augmented reality. My sister recently bought a nifty new tool called ‘Google Cardboard’. If you haven’t heard of this amazing inexpensive version of what you may know as Oculus Rift – a virtual reality headset priced at $599. Google cardboard works well as a do-it-yourself alternative and competitor to Rift.



You simply need 2 things to get started:

  • a smart phone

  • the package they send you





unity chan


And you are free to visit the solar system, visit the apple store in Ginza, Tokyo or watch a special private performance by a vocaloid by the name of Unity. You can probably guess which one of the 3, I spent more time doing. But all this had me thinking…virtual reality can really revolutionise animation production and it’s consumption. A shot in your 3D animation looks a bit off? No worries virtual reality could probably help you with planning shots and the sequences of your cuts. Want to immerse your audience in a full 3D experience? Easy! Learn how to develop for VR and now they can bring the full experience to their homes for less than £10!

I hope to talk share more thoughts and comments on this in the future, but for now if you have a phone and a couple of quid to spare, this is definitely worth the purchase!

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