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Preview: Angry Birds

Standard, 23rd April 2016, teo, 0 Comments

So next month we will finally be graced with the long anticipated Angry Birds movie. I have to mention that it was in fact a friend who reminded me all about it, and since we have decided to make sure that this is a must watch in our cinema list, it would also be worth posting the trailer here as something that should be on your must watch list as well.

Inspired by the Finnish video game franchise that gained immense popularity after its debut to iOS in 2009. The bird flinging fortress crumbling game is now a film  produced by Sony Pictures Imageworks and follows the story of a rage filled Bird by the name of Red who uses his anger to rally up a team of other birds to get their eggs back from the wretched Pigs. Angry birds looks like it will be a lot of fun and I can’t wait to view this one. The graphics look amazing , the plot so far seems like it will be well structured and purposeful; and it is very pleasant that the character designs are still familiar and have not departed from the original birds we have grown to love over the past 7 years.

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