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teaInLondon: Another cup of chai tea at Google 

Standard, 21st February 2016, teo, 0 Comments

It has been an insightful week, having meetings with seniors in the advertising industry, spontaneous meet ups and bumping into award-winning chief execs in the animation industry. 

God is a master at serendipity. 

Despite being in a job that I thought would set me back a bit in my career, and would limit me. It has been a blessing in disguise. 

But a quick summary of my week to date. I finally got my membership card to google campus, it is a pretty cool Hun for collaborations and be around like minded freelancers and entrepreneurs. It is a distance to get to so it will be reserved for the times I am closer to Moorgate.

And I was really happy with my Chai Tea Latte from Costa. Good ol’ Costa, when Starbucks let me down it never disappoints.

Also did you know I’m studying Japanese? I really want to take my self learning more seiously this year, to the point I’m contemplating a short course at SOAS.

Japanese may not be massively popular to learn but we can’t doubt it’s usefulness, plus I’ve been in love with the language since I was a kid.

But I will leave it there for now.

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