September 2015


To start off my first Review and Previews for this next month with #ChildhoodFavourties Series. I will be reviewing the much loved Cinderella by Disney. Cinderella is an adaption of the european folk-tale Cendrillion, that is a moral tale of injustice and oppression and the result of enduring it with kindness and

Dateless is a 3 minute short featuring 20something year olds as they describe what would be their ideal partner. Dateless is a fantastic piece that hits home for the single millennial as they are still navigating through the seas of the dating world. With a good share of laughs and a

I believe this is one of Pixar's best works yet! In August myself and some friends went to watch the widely anticipated Disney Pixar's Inside Out. Unfortunately in this reviews and previews I won't be able to comment much on the short Lava that appeared at the beginning due to turning

I am pleased to say that we have Alex Williams for our first every industry interview. I was very privledged to have had the opportunity to be taught 3D animation by him in my 2nd year of university. With years of experience under his belt as an animator and lecture in