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October 2015


    Hypnotic aqua lines and Kaleidoscopes

    Standard, 29th October 2015, teo, 1 Comment

    So in today’s showcase I spoke to motion graphics artist and graduate David Wheeler. His Animated sketches on instagram really caught my eye for their trippy designs and ambient music.  His body of work is mesmerising and generally a lot of fun to look at. I wanted to know what was the inspiration behind his […]

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  • Reviews and Previews


    Standard, 23rd October 2015, teo, 0 Comments

    Anastasia was the mic drop to animation giants Disney. Before I begin this review let’s clear the air, 20th century fox is not Disney and Anastasia was produced neither by Disney nor dreamwork. For any 90’s kids that were forcibly kept away from all forms of tv growing up, Anastasia

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  • Reviews and Previews

    A Goofy Movie

    Standard, 15th October 2015, teo, 1 Comment

    Naturally when Disney were churning out 80% of animations in the 90s of course most if not all your childhood favourites would be a Disney animation studios production but I promise next week I will introduce something different. A Goofy Movie was one of my most watched and loved animations

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  • teaInLondon

    TeaInLondon: Red Berry and Ink

    Standard, 13th October 2015, teo, 0 Comments

    The Saturday just gone was my birthday and while I have mixed thoughts about being 2 years away from 25. The week was one filled with lots of free stuff! On the week of my birthday I headed down to London Graphic Centre for their student day, it is with

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