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A Goofy Movie

Standard, 15th October 2015, teo, 1 Comment

Naturally when Disney were churning out 80% of animations in the 90s of course most if not all your childhood favourites would be a Disney animation studios production but I promise next week I will introduce something different.

A Goofy Movie was one of my most watched and loved animations as a kid. I remember sitting in front of the TV to what probably was my third re-run of the film in the same day. Great music and teen themes, made the film so cool in my eyes.?I never got bored of the father and son antics of Goofy and his son Max so as you can guess I became a dedicated viewer of the goof troop after watching the film but now after a considerable amount of years later will nostalgia find itself a bit rough around the edges?


We start with Max in golden field of wheat with a sultry female voice calling out to him. As he runs through the tall blades to find his high school crush Roxane float gracefully towards him suddenly their dream world around them turn into one of briers and thorns as Max transforms into a monster, a monster none other than his father; Goofy.

As Max’s morning proceeds with the first song of this animated musical ‘After Today’ is still as catchy as ever and fun to join along with. Did I remember the words to the song you ask? Heck yeah! While Max’s goal for the day and the rest of te summer is to win the heart of Roxane, Goofy has other plans that take a really interesting turn. I loved the direction the film took in exploring the whole father-son relationship dynamic. A Goofy Movie really explored relations and I felt more of the animation had quite the emphasis on displaying emotions through body language which leads me to my next point.

A huge negative for me was while the father and son moments were so touching, the scene with big foot was a bit unnecessary, a major diversion that forced some bonding time, while this element gave us one of the most touching scenes between Goofy and Max, with the alphabet soup, I still believe there could have been a better way to lead to it. Big foot felt too out of nowhere, a bear or contain lion could have easily taken the role. Then there is also the matter of how they managed to sneak into the concert is beyond me, it would have been worth devoting a scene to how they managed to make their way to sneaking in eventually, but I guess maybe in this instance time and budget killed continuity?


As mentioned previously most of the animation was geared towards communicating their feelings as opposed to animating something in a really cool manner because they could. With a lot of facial expressions and expressing emotions in their gestures. I believe this is war made the film Stan out the most especially once Goofy’s decisions get a bit of not really annoying at some points of the movie. I don’t have much to comment on the animation while it didn’t do much wrong, it also didn’t have anything new to offer. Most of my disappointments came with the storyline and continuity.


I loved the bright, open and time appropriate colour palette. The fact that it looks aged adds to the experience now in 2015, for a film released and set in the 90’s. For dogs they had a pretty attractive and humanistic character design that would often make you forget that these were human like dogs.
Despite him being such a goof he has a very natural and pleasant charm and I believe the palette lends itself to Goofy’s portrayal.

There are a few nitpicks in the design such as recycled backgrounds and the river rapids waterfall scene being a bit distracting because of the rough lines used to demonstrate the roughness and the speed of the river. I felt it didn’t fit the visual tone of the film and a style like that would be better suited for something like The Tale of Princess Kaguya, rather than a Disney film.


The songs rock and till now I believe the fact that it was a musical was a great move and even now believe that it would do current Disney justice to add more music to their films, Frozen is a testament that they shine brightest when their characters are singing. The strengths of A Goofy Movie lie in its original soundtrack. With very memorable and varied song tracks, there is something in there for you to enjoy. I don’t think there is a batter word to describe the music other than fun and the final song I 2 I really delivers unfortunately it felt way too short!

Final Verdict

If you grew up in the 90’s then A Goofy Movie will definitely be fun to watch and for the new kids on the block, I would still recommend it especially as they may not be familiar with goofy and his backstory and this will be a great intro to him and his world outside of Mickey Mouse and his gang. While the film is still as fun as ever to watch now as an adult, the continuity and plot holes aren’t hard to miss, and you may find yourself getting annoyed at times at the decisions of the characters, when I was young I sympathised with Goofy much more than Max, but as an adult I realised how irrational some of his decision making could be, but I guess Lester’s possum park doesn’t seem too bad if you like possums?

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