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    Standard, 8th May 2016, teo, 0 Comments

    This will be a short chat and feature today of a drama I had been following for the last couple of weeks and just got round to completing today. Memory is a real and human drama that delves into justice, social class and family through the life of the morally bent workaholic of a lawyer, Tae-Suk […]

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    My Guilty Drama Pleasure: All About My Mom

    Standard, 25th February 2016, teo, 0 Comments

    This light heart warming drama is something I never thought I would stick with for 6 months. But after 53 episodes, several tears, grunts of annoyance and hearty laughs, here is my review of All About My Mum. When you spend every weekend for 6 months with a drama you expect

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    My Guilty Drama Pleasure: Oh My Venus

    Standard, 29th January 2016, teo, 0 Comments

    To your outer space. Boarding. Departing- Joo Eun Oh My Venus quickly established that Shin Min Ah is really is a babe; fat or skinny. Oh. My. Venus. I have just recently finished the drama and the first thing that must be mentioned as the highlight of the drama, would be the

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    My Guilty Drama Pleasure: 1 Litre of Tears

    Standard, 23rd November 2015, teo, 0 Comments

    Thank You – Aya I watched 1 litre of tears at the recommendation of a friend who finds it hard to cry and I knew at once any drama in drama land that could make her cry must surely be that sad! This will be the first post to my

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