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Remember to have fun… If you keep the passion alive it is going to be there and people will enjoy it.-Effie Pappa

Today, after work I was able to attend a last minute event being held at the Apple Store in Covent Garden on Animation, the opportunity to attend a free event in animation can be rare, so there was no way I was going to pass this up especially a today is the beginning of the 23rd Raindance Film Festival! If you don’t know what Raindance is it is a major film fest and film school. Every year since 1992 the festival is held screening independent features, and shorts of various genres, languages and countries. Some big films such as Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction and Christopher Nolan’s Momento were screened first at Raindance.

While most people are familiar with Raindance screening live action, most may not be aware that they also screen and award for best animation. Now, I didn’t have tea at the event but if it does help I did have copious amounts of tea beforehand so it counts! Just to keep it short, today’s event involved two animators Effie Pappa and Lukas Schrank two directors and animators whose films were selected for screening at Raindance Film Festival 2015.

They had a useful amount of advice and experience to share with us.Such as learning to listen and receiving the feedback of others on your short, after some time you get used to seeing it over and over again you need fresh eyes to point out things you may have been missing. That the experience of a film is frightening at first but it can only be a good thing getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new.

Hearing the ideas behind their films was really interesting and came from a very solid place in expressing their opinions and responses to current affairs. Lukas Schrank’s film Hidden Lines: Voices from Manus Island tells the story of two men on Australia’s infamous Manus Island and this film was a response to propaganda within Australian media concerning the refugee crisis as just an example.

I also had a few questions myself for them especially in funding to make a short. Animation can be really expensive seen sing on what you are making so it was helpful to learn of their experiences in this area. Lukas said that while he hated crowdfunding for his film he had no other choice but to and realised the benefits in it such as creating a fan base, gaining more contacts and the film getting to the press, while there was a lot of positive support due to the issue that his film was drawings a perspective on he also found some not so nice commenters on his film. Whereas, with Effie her film was her MA project she was given a budget from her university so money wasn’t a huge issue and I loved how there were different solutions for everyone.

When asking about freelancing in animation, they were very honest in saying that freelancing they believed was a better option to stating creative as an animator as it allows for more time to work on personal projects. Their advice wasn’t to wait for the “Big Break” but to try out a bit of everything and to keep on experimenting and developing as an animator.


Lukas Schrank’s Nowhere Line: Voices from Manus Island


Effie Pappa’s My Stuffed Granny


Raindance will be run in from 23rd September-4th October with Animation Screens on Tuesday 29th September 2015 at 12PM . You can buy passess online at raindancefestival.org

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